Cover: Deja Vu – Joe’s Bar

I made this back in October 2014 as my last arranagement before transforming the project into Written in Wind. This was an exercise in minimalism, in the sense I wanted as few instruments as possible. The saxophone is doing the job and the piano is setting the mood. Beyond that I only wanted the bare minimum to punctuate the rhythm.

For contrast I opted for an ambiguous play with sound effects. I aimed for it to have a clear and distinct start with a police car drawing up the curve. The ending of the contrast piece I leave for the listener to decide. Who opens the door? What’s inside? Use your mind. What do you see? Please, let me know.

In terms of progression there is not much, if anything, really, but it is still a master piece by the great Japanese Hiroyuki Masuno who belong up there among the best of the chip-tune composers.

Sound effect are from found here: